Who We Are?

Brief History

eLabs Oy Engineering was founded in 2010. The name comes from the words Embedded Laboratory Systems and it highlights what we were doing back then. Founder member Kalle Salonen (M.Sc.) was working as a researcher in the Helsinki University of Technology and was aplying homemade embedded systems in order to automated laboratory tasks and data collection. We also developed a modular concept for liquid handling.

In the coming years we focused to develop a software platform that could be used to speed up the development of laboratory automation software. This has also remained one of our main areas.

During the past years and many different projects, we have gained experience in wide range of industries and technologies. Yet there’s still always something to learn and we like it. These years have also provided us with great network of suppliers. And that’s also one reason why I (buddy on the pic) like to use the word ‘we’. Other great reason is that entrepreneurs need some backup and I am lucky to have my family as a backup.

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