Our Projects

some highlights

We don’t have possibility to list all projects nor details, but we like to share some highlights from the past years.

This year has been special as global pandemic has influenced everything. We are happy that we have had the opportunity to work on several projects and get also our hands to 3D printing technology.

We are also working with our ambitious plan to utilize side products from fire wood production industry. We are honored for receiving funding for this project from Satakunnan korkean teknologian säätiö.

Modernization of 10 dm3 cooker at Aalto University.

We worked in crystallization project providing some hardware and software. One individual job was modernization of old instrument that had Windows 95 based software and electronics from same era updated to 2010s. We removed about 10-litre box full of PCB’s and replaced it with one small PLC.

We had many nice projects and we put extra hours to develop post processing systems for firewood production. This included building conveyors and firewood cleaner. However, most challenging task was to build our first computer controlled firewood kiln.

We got back to roots by making several embedded projects. One of these was uFlow unit for Aalto University. This instrument was designed to measure extremely slow gas flow rates and was realized with our own embedded modular concept.

It was also nice to work with biogas related project (my favor research topic).

liquid sampler
Sampler installed next to the reactor.

2015 was year of reactors at Aalto University. We delivered components for instrumentation and control software for each. One of the reactors was equipped with our sampler for taking automated liquid samples during the test.

This was the year we introduced first version of our ePlatform (software tool for rapid application development). We applied this to two laboratory scale sized systems at Aalto University